About Us

Bagmati Goat Seeds Pvt. Ltd. was started in 2003 and was registered as "Bagmati Goat Farm" in 2006. Apart from production, this institution has also been acting as a breeding farm since its inception. With a view to specialize and work as a sheer breeding farm, the institution was given its present name in 2014. The farm is a mere 25 km away from Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, in Kewalpur VDC ward no. 9, Dhading, just beside the popular Dharke bazaar in the Prithvi Highway. Recently a trail has been opened that links the farm with the Prithvi Highway. The farm is at a distance of around a kilometer from the Highway. One of the busiest highways in Nepal, Prithvi Highway connects Kathmandu with Pokhara, the most beautiful city in Nepal. Apart from that, Naubise-Mugling section of the Prithvi Highway serves as apparently the only road that connects Kathmandu with the western part of the country. Thus said, there is 24 hour transportation facility along the highway. 

This farm maintained Boer bucks since its initial days. The Boer bucks were used to produce crossbred kids from the local dams. Boer, Jamunapari and Beetal breeds were fetched from different states in India in 2011 so as to expand the farm size. Later in 2013, with a view to produce purebred Boer goats, Boer bucks and female kids were imported through Karoo Livestock Exports in South Africa. With a goal to help address the growing demand of Boer goats in Nepal, this farms aims to maintain a herd of around 500 dams. 

This farm, as of today, has served farmers from more than 50 districts in the country. To add to that, this farm has been a very important center for observation tours of farmers and students. Politicians, dignitaries and even Ministers have visited this farm quite a number of times. The activities of this farm have found their places in various radio and television programs. It is a matter of pride that the activities of this farm were covered and broadcast twice by the very popular "Sajha Sawal" program produced by BBC (Nepali service) and aired on BBC (Nepali service) radio and Kantipur television.