For record-keeping purposes, the kids are tagged within a month of their birth.


Veterinary :

Veterinary Services is sought from the Livestock Service Center under the District Livestock Services Office and private practitioners and paravets. 



To rid the animals from external parasites, we carry out dipping of the animals at farm at regular intervals.

Nutrition and Feeding:

We have quite some amount of forage and fodder fields. However, the forage thus produced is not enough for the animals at farm. So, we plan to expand the cultivation of fodder and forage in the near future. We formulate and produce the feed for the goats on our own. It has been realized, however, that we need some kind of training in the field of Animal Nutrition.



One of the long term goals of this institution is to provide hands-on training to farmers, students and other interested people, which we have not been able to conduct at present due to the lack of trained manpower.


Our Needs

Despite being one of the best goat farms in the country, we are really striving hard to improve it even better. We are interested in working together with other interested organizations to improve and uplift the farm and its services. As of today, we reckon that specialized trainings, sophisticated farm equipment and farm vehicle are our needs.